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  • Ability Tooltips: Tooltips have been added to the log view tabs which display the ability name and its description where possible.


  • Log Overview: Logs now have a overview landing page that provides a concise summary of the contents.


  • History: A complete record of parse, operations, and challenge history has been created and is available in the History page which can be found under the Leaderboards menu option.
  • Leaderboard Limit: The limit for all of the leaderboard pages has been increased.


  • Character Summary: A Character Summary page has been created that lists all of the selected character's personal bests, where applicable, in dummy parsing, operations challenges, and operations clears. This page is available from all individual leaderboards, player point of views when viewing logs, and the search page.


  • Full Clears: The Guild Leaderboard has a new section for full clears. A log must sequentially contain a clear for each boss encounter in the operation to be valid; wipes and trash are not necessary. Ranking is done via a basic scoring system: clearing the operation grants a flat base score from which deaths are penalised and then multiplied by a value based off completion time in relation to the time needed to achieve a successful timed run, which, where absent, defaults to 60 minutes.


  • Damaging Abilities: A page that lists all of the damaging abilities that a Player Class or Operations Boss have available has been added under the Abilities menu option. This includes the attack and damage type, as well as relevant flags (AoE, Periodic, etc.), and, where relevant, all possible triggering combinations.
  • Log View Combat Log Id Toggle: The Log View now has a toggle to show/hide the applicable Combat Log Ids.


  • Challenges Stats: Challenges now have a Stats page under the Stats menu option.
  • Leaderboard Exclusion Filter: Parsing, Operations, and Challenges Leaderboard now have an additional option to exclude specific combat styles from the result set.


  • Ability Summary: Damage Done, Damage Received, Healing Done, and Healing Received tabs on Overall Summary point of views now have the means to add user defined tab relevant ability summaries.


  • Challenge Leaderboard: A challenge leaderboard, based off notable Operations Boss phases, has been added. This is only available for Master Mode Operations, and Veteran Mode for Operations that lack this difficulty.


  • Phases: Selected boss fights now have phases that you can use to view specific parts of the combat.


  • Ability Search: An ability search has been added under the Abilities menu option.


  • Damage per Activation: This has been improved to better capture triggered damaging effects.


  • Combat Style Picker: A cross-faction Combat Style picker has been added under the Abilities menu option.


  • Damage per Activation: The Damage Done tab now has a new column to show, on average, how much each ability did per activation. This includes, where possible, sub-effects and abilities triggered from other abilities.
  • Rotation Visualisation: The Rotation tab has a new feature at the top to create a visualisation of the rotation into user defined blocks.


  • Group Logging: With the addition of group logging to the game, logs now contain entries from the other members in your group and the site has been expanded to take advantage of this. New additions include, but aren't limited to, a whole new group overview page, which includes overall summary, breakdowns of incoming and outgoing damage and healing, group deaths, and an interactive replay, and the ability to change your point of view to anyone in the log, including NPCs.
  • Guild Leaderboard: A new Guild Leaderboard has also been added for Operation Bosses.
  • Guilds: Guilds are no longer a text field and you can only upload to ones you are a member of.
  • Abilities: The Abilities page has been updated with the new abilities, passives, and modifications.
  • Absorbs: Absorbs are now logged as effective healing for the person who applied the absorb.
  • Effective Healing: Healing abilities that do not generate threat (e.g. defensive cooldowns and life steal) now correctly count as effective where applicable.
  • Operation Combat Duration: Combat duration no longer includes superfluous in-combat times and the duration ends once the fight is cleared.
  • Combat Deaths: Uploaded fights that contain deaths are no longer ineligible to appear on leaderboards.
  • Effects: The Effect tabs now show an interactive display to better understand at what times during the fight they were active.
  • Server Selection: Server selection is now detected automatically and the upload field is no longer required.
  • Combat Selection: The sidebar now groups combats by their Instance, and displays the Instance size and difficulty where applicable. Combat targets appear per entry as well as an icon if the combat was succesfully cleared or if it was in a PvP instance.
  • Target Selection: The Rotation tab now shows what the player was targeting when activating each specific ability.